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Saving For Your Child's College Education

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Why Do I Need SmartStart?

It can be tough to save money for your child’s future; SmartStart aims to make that a little bit easier.

SmartStart goes beyond education expenses: in addition to using funds to help pay for the cost of college, available cash value can be used at any point in your child’s life. If they want to use funds for a down payment on a home, they can do so! When it’s time for them to retire, if the policy is still in force, they can even create a retirement income stream from their SmartStart policy.

How Does The SmartStart Plan Work?

By setting aside a small amount of money every month or quarter starting when your child is young, you can help them set aside cash for future needs while providing valuable insurance coverage.

A portion of your premium payment goes to pay the cost of life insurance coverage. The balance becomes part of the policy’s cash value, which accumulates and grows tax-free.

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