Our Process with You

We are appointed with over 30 insurance carriers, but employed by none; by choice. We work independently. That independence means that we do not offer a limited choice, nor only the products from a single company. It means that our job is to work for YOU to find the BEST POLICY at the LOWEST COST. Each insurance carrier looks at each person differently, and our job to find that carrier and policy that looks upon you most favorably. In general, we work in these steps,

  1. You tell us about your needs and goals, and the reason that you are seeking protection
    • Why? There are many types and hundreds of individual policies available. Understanding your goals helps us determine the correct policy fit for you
  2. We learn about your age, location, and sex
    • Why? age and sex are major factors in determining rates
    • Why? not every policy is available in every state
  3. We ask about FAMILY?
    • Why? Some policies offer “Riders” at low cost to family members
    • Why? We need and want to know the beneficiary of the policy in accordance with some insurance laws, but also so we can explain the policy that you select to them, and introduce ourselves as a future helpful point of contact for when you might pass
  4. We ask some health history questions including prescription history
    • Why? Your Height and Weight may make you eligible for preferred rates or a decline for coverage
    • Why? Smoking status effects rates, but some policies are more lenient
    • Why? Every carrier upon application, with your required permission, all insurance carriers will do an electronic prescription check, and we are trying to determine which insurance carriers will look upon your prescription history with the least impact on the cost
    • Why? As with prescriptions, all the insurance carriers will do a review of your file with the Medical Information Board, Inc. (MIB) and likewise, we are trying to determine which insurance will upon your health history most favorable. You can check your personal MIB Consumer Underwriting Services File by clicking HERE.
  5. With your preferred goals, budget, location, needs, age, sex, health history, and prescription history assembled, we then quickly and simply research the BEST OPTIONS at the LOWEST COST.
  6. YOU CHOOSE the policy among our recommendations.

You can use one of online quotations to get an idea of cost, but we guarantee our research for you will give you a more accurate figure, and will reveal features of a policy that you may not have known.

It takes only a few minutes.