Final Expense

Top 10 Reasons NOT to get Final Expense Insurance

An Original Video about Final Expense Insurance In this original presentation video from Goat Planning, we explore the Top 10 reason why you might not want to purchase final expense insurance. We gathered these reasons from feedback that we have received over the years from clients. All the reasons are valid, but there are pros…
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Is it ever too late for life insurance?

Life insurance is tremendously useful as we age. It protects against the loss of income and covers bills at the end of life. Life insurance rates do increase with age, but policies can still be found.
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ever too late for life insurance

Largest 5 Factors that can affect Life Insurance Rates for Seniors (Covid-19 was bad)

Top 5 Reasons that affect life insurance rates for seniors are age (recently negatively affected by Covid-19), gender, tobacco use, location, and health. Also discussion of the 3 major categories of final expense whole life insurance
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Top 5 Reasons that affect Life Insurance rates for seniors